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Before gold, before diamonds, South Africa was famous for its location.

Voyagers from Europe braved the rugged unknown in search of a water trade route to India. Dias marked his place in history by being the first recorded European to reach the Cape of Storms, later called the Cape of Good Hope to acknowledge its importance to sailors. Vasco de Gama soon matched and exceeded Dias's feat by traveling all the way from Portugal to India, with the help of a much needed rest at the Southern tip of Africa. South Africa's strategic positioning made it a dream for weary traders and a place for merchandise to pass to and through.

However we at Eva-Last Distributors see South Africa as more than just a stop-over. We see it as a place, not just where high quality goods come to, but where they come from. After all, South Africa has given the world over half of the gold in history. And let's not forget the vuvuzela! South Africa is a place of innovation and world renowned resources.

In that spirit, we are happy to announce that Eva-Last Distributors is now manufacturing in South Africa. We are combining our knowledge and experience in the composite field to create world-quality WPC material and products right in our own backyard. Manufacturing locally ensures that we can continue to provide our clients with high-quality, low-maintenance material at lower prices that are now even better for the environment. The name, the guarantee and the high standard remain the same. The location just makes it better.

Manufacturing in South Africa means using the highest quality raw materials at some of the lowest prices available. We are handing those savings directly over to you. Compared to balau which needs frequent, expensive stains, sealants, repairs and other upkeeps Eva-Last materials are the less expensive, longer-lasting, eco-conscious option.

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