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We at Eva-Last® have spent more than a decade mastering the craft of composite extrusion. We manufacture and supply various mono and co-extruded composite decking and a wide range of accompanying accessories.

Expertise Based on
Global Experience 

Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite products. We also offer specialised support systems, as well as expert advice, ensuring each and every build is designed to last.

Our composite profiles and complementary systems can be found in over 35 countries globally and have been an imperative part of some of the world’s largest building projects known to date, in some of the harshest construction environments known to man.

About us

Eva-Last® BRANDS

Infinity Decking

Infinity™ Range

The innovation of co-extrusion technology resulted in the development of our Infinity™ range. This advancement allowed for the cellulose-polymer composite to be wrapped in a protective cap, further improving the product’s longevity. Eva-Last®’s engineered polymer coat is loaded with a variety of additives that result in an extremely robust outer layer. This layer protects the products from weathering and biodegradation, even within particularly harsh conditions... more on Infinity

Infinity™ Decking
The Infinity™ capping makes Eva-Last® composite decking hard-wearing, scratch resistant and UV-resistant - essential for high-traffic surfaces... read more

Infinity™ Cladding
There are limitless possibilities to what you can achieve with this versatile trim profile. Add a stylish feature to your Infinity™ deck... read more

Eva-tech Decking South Africa

Eva-Tech™ Range

Eva-tech™ is our first generation material technology. The engineered cellulose-polymer composite consists primarily of bamboo and high density polyethylene. Additives are incorporated, enhancing the materials’ durability and colour-fastness. The resultant products are weather resistant and available in several natural colours.... more on Eva-tech

Eva-Tech™ Decking
Wide range of Eva-Tech™ decking options available from interchangeable textural options to lightweight multiple vertical applications.  ... read more

Eva-Tech™ Cladding
The Eva-tech fascia will match your Eva-tech deck in both style and colour, making it the ideal finish in hiding away the substructure and unwanted sights... read more

Titan Support Systems
Titan Support Systems SA

Titan Support Systems

Titan adjustable support pads are designed for decking and paving areas where very high clearance from the ground is required, or where minor changes to the final height is needed. Adjustable support pads are easy to use and are the best way to ensure a top quality finish on roofs, balconies and terraces... more on Titan

Titan Pedestals
Height-adjustable support systems that can allow for slope corrections. There are a variety of applications for TITAN pedestals including the support of decking, paving blocks, water features, drainage gratings, roofing and flooring. The wide base design prevents damage to waterproof membranes placed below the support system.... read more

Hulk Fasteners & Screws

HULK multipurpose fasteners are the best choice for any outdoor, corrosion-risk, or long term application. HULK fasteners use an advanced bit lock system which maximises torque transfer, assembly speed as well as the life of bits and screws... more about fasteners

Multipurpose Fasteners, Screws & Accessories
Hulk Fasteners provide everything you need for professional deck construction and assembly... read more

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