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Embrace the possibilities of a world inspired by nature.

Eva-Last®’s range of composite decking solutions offers you premium outdoor living through innovative, durable and environmentally friendly products. Eva-Last® manufactures and supplies mono and co-extruded bamboo-plastic composite decking as well as various accessories to match. Whether you’re converting a dull patio area into a dreamy deck, transforming a lifeless wall into a masterful design feature or need expert assistance on your next commercial project, Eva-Last®’s diverse range of products and decade of experience will ensure you walk away completely satisfied.


The innovation of co-extrusion technology resulted in the development of our Infinity™ range. This advancement allowed for the cellulose-polymer composite to be wrapped in a protective cap, further improving the product’s longevity. Eva-Last®’s engineered polymer coat is loaded with a variety of additives that result in an extremely robust outer layer. This layer protects the products from weathering and biodegraddation, even within particularly harsh conditions.

The Infinity™ range sets a new standard for the composite industry; the 25-year warranty is testament to it’s durability. You can expect to be covered the moment you decide to embark on the Infinity™ journey with us. Applicable to both commercial and residential applications.

1. Infinity™ Cap
The Infinity™ capping makes Eva-Last® composite decking hard-wearing, scratch resistant and UV-resistant - essential for high-traffic surfaces.

2. Eva-tech™ Core
At the heart of all Eva-Last® composite boards is a fusion of two tenacious materials; recycled high-density polyethylene and FSC approved bamboo fibres form the foundation of our products. Engineered additives and stabilisers assist in providing a material designed to last for decades.

Eva-tech™ is our first generation material technology. The engineered cellulose-polymer composite consists primarily of bamboo and high-density polyethylene. Additives are incorporated, enhancing the materials durability and colour-fastness. The resultant products are weather resistant and available in several natural colours.

Eva-tech™ The only product to have been on the market longer than its warranty; the Evatech™ range supports a 10-year limited warranty and offers ultimate value when it comes to price vs. performance. Far more eco-friendly and long-lasting than traditional timber, Eva-tech™ boards are built for the outdoors, giving you a decade of worry-free composite performances.

Indoor flooring

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Having pioneered the outdoor flooring industry in Africa, Eva-Last® is now extending their product offering and expertise to include a revolutionary new indoor flooring range. TIER™ indoor flooring offers beautiful finishes and breakthrough features, never before seen in the industry.

Floorboard components

    1. Engineered polymer wear layer
    2. Print layer
    3. Rigid CarbideCore™ centre
    4. Preapplied IXPE foam underlay


CLIPCLAD is a revolutionary cladding system designed to be conveniently quick and simple to install. The adaptable clip substructure is easily fastened directly to a wall or suitable frame system. The cladding boards simply click into place. No fastening of boards is required. This reduction in fixings minimises the installation time, improves the longevity of the system and provides an unblemished finish. The clip solution also optimises any expansion and contraction experienced by the boards. Incorporating Eva-Last®’s engineered composite and advanced coating technologies into this system results in a robust and long-lasting solution, resistant to the harshest weather and biodeterioration conditions.

1. Cladding board

2. Cladding clip

3. Alternative fixing options


RapidRail is a customisable railing system designed to be adaptable yet simple to install. The combination of this inherent flexibility with the diverse range of finishes and accessories available provides such a variety of choice that you are sure to find a design that works for you. Smart configurations reduce the number of connections required, and the time spent on those remaining, ensuring a rapid installation. The incorporation of Eva-Last®’s engineered composite and advanced coating technologies into the system results in a robust and long-lasting solution, resistant to the harshest weather and biodeterioration conditions.


Sablle outdoor furniture is proudly manufactured in South Africa. Our furniture is built to last outdoors even in the harshest of climate conditions. Using only the most durable of materials we combine style with strength to bring you the best quality product possible.

Our furniture in made using Aluminium and Composite Wood which both are able to withstand the elements and won’t weather even after many years of exposure to the outdoors. Our promise is to provide you with a beautiful outdoor product that will keep its beauty for years to come.


HULK multipurpose fasteners are the best choice for any outdoor, corrosion-risk, or long term application. HULK fasteners use an advanced bit lock system which maximises torque transfer, assembly speed as well as the life of bits and screws. HULK fasteners are the best choice for: deck construction, outdoor furniture assembly, garden application, cladding, outdoor frames and pergolas.

Support Systems

Titan adjustable support pads are designed for decking and paving areas where very high clearance from the ground is required, or where minor changes to the final height is needed. Adjustable support pads are easy to use and are the best way to ensure a top quality finish on roofs, balconies and terraces.