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Matus Warehouse Case Study

Matus Warehouse, Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa


Well-known location now home to new striking warehouse showing off Eva-Last’s VistaClad. The Matus Warehouse project is situated just off the N3 highway in Gosforth Park, Germiston South Africa, a location that was once famous for housing one of the country’s most well-known horse racing venues. In the early 2000’s, the horse racing track was converted into a motor racing venue, known as Wesbank Raceway, before the land was sold for industrial development.

Tooling company in construction, mining, engineering, and DIY industry opts for Eva-Last. Matus is a company that specialises in the supply and distribution of a vast range of tools. The company was started over 75 years ago by Lukie and Sam Matus, and today it serves the construction, mining, engineering, and DIY industries. Its range of products is vast, from simple ball-peen hammers for DIY, to compressors, plumbing hardware, welding equipment, safety gear for workmen, and much more. The location of its new warehouse is ideally located just a few metres away from one of the busiest road transport routes in South Africa.



  • Project Name: Matus Warehouse
  • Project Type: VistaClad cladding and ceiling
  • Description: Warehouse wall cladding and ceiling cladding installation
  • Size: +/- 325m2 cladding and 58m2 ceiling
  • Products Used: VistaClad in Infinity Oasis Palm
  • Date of Installation: December 2022
  • Project Location: Gosforth Park, Germiston, South Africa
  • Architect: Empowered Spaces Architects
  • General Contractor: Abbeydale Building and Civil and Eva-Last Projectse


Empowering a long-lasting project.
The architectural firm responsible for designing the Matus warehouse was Empowered Spaces. Architect Lawrence Waterston, who worked on the project, explains that the warehouse space has a vast floor area, measuring just under 18 000 square metres. The roof line is elevated to enable stock to be optimally stacked and stored, with racking tiered to a height of over 14 metres but is still easily accessible for quick transportation to customers.

Waterson advises that although the exterior of the warehouse shows off over 325 square metres of VistaClad cladding, another focal point is the exterior ceiling and soffit areas on the balcony around the reception and office space which used 58 square metres of VistaClad.

“The reception and office area of the building is at the front of the warehouse, so we wanted to distinguish it from the warehouse section, giving it a warmer and more inviting feel,” explains Waterston. “This was the main reason we decided to go for VistaClad for a feel-good factor for visiting clients, and also for the office staff who work there.”
Matus Warehouse - VistaClad Cladding


Choosing Eva-Last’s VistaClad for the wall cladding and ceiling area
The architect explains, “The client, Matus, was initially looking at timber cladding, however, after some consideration we opted to go with Eva-Last cladding, known as VistaClad, using the Infinity board profile.

The colour chosen was Oasis Palm, a fairly dark brown colour, which helps create a warm, natural feel to the space.” Waterston adds, “the decision, from our perspective was one of cost-effectiveness.

Apart from the fact that the VistaClad boards are competitively priced compared to timber, Eva-Last’s composite cladding offers the extremely attractive benefits of a virtually maintenance-free installation, which is a big plus factor for a commercial building like the Matus warehouse.” Hassle-free installation makes commercial projects a breeze.

“The installation of the cladding was also trouble-free and efficient because Eva-Last’s VistaClad uses a specialised fastening system with a unique and ingenious series of clip strips for ease of installation. These pre-galvanised metal strips are attached to the substructure, and installed in a sequence, enabling the cladding boards to be easily clicked into place and tightly locked and secured. What’s more, in the unlikely event that individual boards need to be unlocked and removed, this can be done thanks to the clip strip technology. The aesthetic benefit of VistaClad and its clip strip technology is that no visible fasteners are required, which has given the Matus warehouse a seamless finish.

“Selecting Infinity for the board profiles was an easy choice given the fact that it is a high preforming product, offering advanced protection from the elements, and it comes with a 25-year warranty,” concludes Waterston.
Matus Warehouse - VistaClad


“Overall, from ease of installation to the beautiful end result, using Eva-Last’s VistaClad, the Matus warehouse project turned out to be quite striking, achieving our vision and meeting all of our objectives.” – Lawrence Waterston, Architect, Empowered Spaces”

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