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Revolutionary Engineered Semi-Solid Composite Decking Boards

Revolutionary Engineered Semi-Solid Composite Decking Boards

Less is More with I-Series™

For years common sense dictated that solid composite boards were more durable than hollow ones. While hollow composite profiles offered certain advantages thanks to their lighter weight, the industry was plagued with issues surrounding moisture in the hollow chambers and their long-term instability. Only recently has the all new I-Series™ composite product range been able to take the good without the bad by creating an improved product and new semi-solid composite product category. The I-Series™ semi-solid composite product line offers a very lightweight board that performs arguably better than even solid boards.

What it Offers?

Modeled after the classic I-beam shape, I-Series™ boards use less material than most other semi-solid profiles, minimising production costs. Yet, they have the strength and durability superior to even those cumbersome solid boards. In fact, I-Series™ boards can span up to 600 mm centre to centre, which was unprecedented until now.

I-Series™ boards are a contractor’s composite dream come true. They’re lighter weight, easier to transport to and on site, and require less substructure material and fasteners than traditional timber or composite profiles.To further quicken installation (and reduce labour costs), a complementary hidden fastener system secures grooved I-Series™ boards and keeps screws out of sight. For starter boards and non-grooved I-Series™ profiles, traditional top fixing methods get the job done easily.

To top it all off, I-Series™ production has nearly zero waste, making this new composite as eco-friendly as it is consumer-friendly.

How it Does It?

Although I-Series™ has transformed the composite industry seemingly overnight, its creation has been a long time coming. It was born of a desire to make less expensive composite, and to make working with composite easier for both contractors and homeowners.

Eva-Last® was well versed in the traditional designs of hollow boards and had successfully elevated the performance of round and square chambered profiles. However, observations made about the impressive strength of I-beams, led Eva-Last® engineers to begin experimenting and perfecting the idea of I-beam styled chambers in a semi-solid profile.

This design significantly reduces the risk of profile bending. The stress profile is triangular and near zero at the neutral axis, increasing load capacity. The open sub-surface design promotes ventilation and prevents moisture build up, avoiding the moisture-related issues facing older hollow models.

This same shape design also reduces surface heat retention by encouraging air flow and ventilation. After years of trial, and revisions, I-Series™ entered the marketplace, surpassing even Eva-Last’s original performance expectations.

Why You’ll Want It?

Now I-Series™ is patent protected and available throughout Africa, America, Australia, Asia and Europe, as more and more composite professionals and end users embrace its functionality, eco-benefits and simplified installation. I-Series™ defies conventional thinking by using fewer natural resources and requiring less effort to create a longer-lasting, more resilient composite product line.

When it comes to I-Series™, less really is more.Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite products and building solutions, namely, decking, cladding and indoor flooring. With over a decade of experience in all stages of the industry, from production to installation, Eva-Last® has both practical and technical knowledge that is used to assist owners, developers, architects and building professionals alike in achieving their design objectives. Eva-Last® strives to continually improve and innovate, delivering revolutionary composite products and attentive support to all customers.

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